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Miami’s Three ‘Hottest’ Neighborhoods

Where are luxury home buyers in South Florida parking their money these days? For three of the ‘hottest’ Miami neighborhoods, CLICK ON THE HEADLINE

BOMA Forecasts Sunny Outlook For Miami-Dade’s CRE Industry

As long as more mass transit is on the horizon, industry experts at a recent BOMA event predicted the County’s commercial real estate market outlook as ‘SUNNY’. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE


Ten Miami Neighborhoods That Have Changed The Most In The Past Decade

Take a tour back in time thanks to Google Map’s street views and compare ten neighborhoods to what they looked like less than a decade ago. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Coconut Grove $18 Million Redevelopment Plan Gets Key Vote

The group, which is now able to sign a 50-year lease for the site, plans to locate new restaurants including Shula’s Steak House at the property. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE