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Giant Battery, Solar Panels To Power Apartment & Retail Complex At Coconut Grove Metrorail Station

Solar panels are planned to cover the Grove Central buildings that will produce two megawatts of power; and massive underneath batteries that are the size of six shipping containers will store 20-megawatts per hour of electricity. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Green Building Sector Set To Create 3.3 Million Jobs In U.S. By 2018

Key findings of a recent USGBC study indicate that the contribution of the green building industry is estimated to be more than $134.3 billion towards labor income for working Americans. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Report Says Incentives Make Going Green Easier For Commercial Landlords

A recent report unveiled at Rice University includes an action plan with recommendations that could apply to a range of buildings, from the smallest strip centers to the tallest towers. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE